Nautilus 5000

  1 nm in 12 Hours Navigator Solutions

Submarines - Frigates - Corvettes - ROV- Navy vessels - Aircraft carriers - Radar stabilisation

• High-performance sensors

• Embedded GNSS Navigator

• 1nm/12 Hours Position accuracy

• < 0.01° Heading, Roll & Pitch Accuracy

• Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG)

• Unique strap-down technology

• High baud rate/low latency

• Web-based built-in interface

• Mil spec approved standard/IMO

• Option for ITAR-free component

Heading (RMS) ° Sec Latitude:


Pitch & Roll (RMS)°:


Rate of Turn Accuracy:

< 0.005°/s (0.3°/min)

Heave (RMS):

2.5 cm or 2.5%

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Petra 3000-pads

Advanced Position & Azimuth Determining System (APADs)

Petra 3000-pads Advanced Position and Azimuth Determining System (APADS) is a selfcontained FOG inertial surveying system developed to meet today’s demanding military survey needs.

Survey operations functionality, navigational accuracy, transportability, survivability and affordability requirements drove the system design. All APADS are housed in a robust frame that allows for easy component access and stability. can be adapted to any type of vehicle, operated from any vehicle platform or dismounted, and it can be connected to any artillery fire control system.

While meeting standard accuracy and Mil-Std-810/461 environmental requirements, APADS offers a proven, reliable, lightweight, off-the-shelf solution developed around replaceable units.

It offers immediate support to launchers on the move, and provides artillery topography and survey teams with high flexibility in the field.

Nautilus 5000

Advanced High-Performance Inertial Navigation System

Nautilus 5000 Military Strategic Grade inertial navigation systems(Embedded GNSS), designed to meet the demands of the Navy for the highest performance INS/AHRS, Gyrocompass and Positioning all-in-one System.

Nautilus 5000 outputs position, heading, roll, pitch, depth, velocity, and heave. Its high accuracy inertial measurement unit is based on Civitanavi's  FOG-base technology coupled with an embedded digital signal processor that runs an advanced Kalman filter.


Quartz Vibrating Beam Accelerometer

Comal A10 Series are accelerometers based on the Vibrating Beam Accelerometer technology. The measurement uses the change i n the resonance frequency of a vibrating beam under the inertial loading of a proof mass when subjected to acceleration.
provides excellent bias, scale factor, and axis alignment Repeatability.
The integral electronics develops an acceleration-proportional output current providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurement.
The Comal A10 also includes a current-output and internal AD 590 temperature sensor. By applying temperature compensating algorithms, bias, scale factor and axis misalignment performance are dramatically improved.


MEMS-based INS & AHRS System

The MIMU-M is a MEMS-based AHRS/INS with embedded GNSS receiver for avionic applications, which combines high accuracy and reliability in a miniaturized package.
The AHRS/INS provides body angular rates and body linear accelerations from ITAR-free sensors while, velocities, attitude (roll, pitch) and heading are provided thanks to Kalman Filter based algorithm coupled with embedded GNSS receiver, 3-axes magnetic sensor and barometric sensor.
The output data is provided via RS422 digital interfaces to the aircraft systems and can be used with advanced digital instruments in all operational environments.
The MIMU-M system can be paired with an optional external Auxiliary Module GNSS (AMG) containing a second GNSS receiver, so to provide a dual GNSS, dual Antenna subsystem, capable of precise True Heading computation also in static conditions.
MIMU-M system is also designed to be interfaced with an external NMEA GNSS Receiver, Odometer and Magnetometer.

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