Recently, our company has received multiple times that some company's owner, and colleagues are spreading rumors about us, and discrediting our reputation with their false statement constantly; Therefore, it has caused great damage to our company's reputation and business.  Please be cautious with your words toward our company, we reserve the right to take legal action on them.




原我公司所屬之子公司"邁威實業有限公司 (Mindware Solutions)" 及其負責人 蘇南霖 先生(Nelson Su) 已於2014/7/1 離職,並同時解除一切合作關係,本公司亦無償將邁威實業公司之資產、股份及相關儀器設備與辦公家具等全數交由蘇南霖先生自行營運管理,並自2014/7/1 起該公司一切商貿業務、產品銷售行為、技術維修服務與言論等概與我公司(帕斯卡科技)無關。 本公司在國內已無任何相關子公司,特此澄清說明


自2014/7/1起凡 蘇南霖 (Nelson Su) 先生與其旗下員工對我公司不確實言論及商業行為,我公司一概保留其法律追訴權力。


感謝諸多對我公司產品愛護者,凡是經由邁威實業或其他公司所採購我公司所屬代理品牌產品 (SBG, Trimble, iXBlue, Civitanavi Systems, Comtech SyS 及 Plaska自有等品牌) 我公司禀持既往經營理念,對該產品之售後服務與產品技術支持,一概承接其後續技術服務與韌體升級、檢測服務。




Mindware solutions Co., Ltd was originally Plaska GPS Services, Inc’s subsidiary company and Mr. Su nan-lin(Nelson Su), the current CEO of Mindware Solutions Co., Ltd, was resigned from Plaska at 2014/7/1;Therefore, the partnership was dissolved. The Company, Mindware solutions Co., Ltd with all the related property, share, equipment, office furniture and etc., have been fully transferred to Mr. Su nan-lin(Nelson Su) without any charges. Starting from 2014/7/1, any of Mindware solutions Co., Ltd's businesses、 product issues、 technical support, and speech had nothing to do with Plaska GPS Services, Inc. From this day(2014/7/1) on, Plaska GPS Services, Inc. does not have any subsidiary company in Taiwan.

Note: Since 2014/7/1, our company reserve the right to take legal action on any commercial activities and speeches by Mr. Su nan-lin (Nelson Su) and his colleagues that contained harmful actions/judgments toward Plaska GPS Services, Inc.


Thanks for all customers’ support. We are keeping our promise that any SBG, Trimble, iXBlue, Comtech Sys, Civitanavi Systems and Plaska’s product sold by Mindware solutions Co., Ltd and other company, we will provide after-sales service such as technical support, firmware update, and unit testing.

※If products are not original shipped out from Plaska GPS Services, Inc., the maintenance fee is required.


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Navigation & Motion Sensing

The Plaska MB 2100 are Trimble MBTwo (Ashtech version) OEM board based on
the Vector Sensor are the new precise Heading and Position used single or two
GNSS-antenna Receivers in the MB Sensor platform. the receivers address a
wide range of precise high quality, high update rate heading and attitude (pitch
or role information) positioning and navigation applications in fields like
machine guidance, marine surveying, photogrammetry and UAV/USV Navigator.

CMA & CMN Board

MEMS AHRS System and MEMS INS System

The MIMU-M is a MEMS-based AHRS with embedded GNSS receiver (GAHRS) for avionic applications, which combines high accuracy and reliability in a miniaturized package, and MEMS-based INS with embedded GNSS receiver (INS) for land applications, which combines high accuracy and reliability in a miniaturized package. The AHRS provides body angular rates and body linear accelerations from ITAR-free sensors while, velocities, attitude (roll, pitch) and heading are provided thanks to Kalman Filter based algorithm coupled with embedded GNSS receiver, 3-axes magnetic sensor and barometric sensor. 
The output data is provided via RS422 digital interfaces to the aircraft systems and can be used with advanced digital instruments in all operational environments. 
The MIMU-M system can be paired with an optional external Auxiliary Module GNSS (AMG) containing a second GNSS receiver, so to provide a dual GNSS, dual Antenna subsystem, capable of precise True Heading computation also in static conditions. 
MIMU-M system is also designed to be interfaced with an external NMEA GNSS Receiver and Magnetometer.

PETRA 4000egi

INS/GNSS Navigation and Pointing System


​The Petra “4 thousand egi” Land Navigation Systems are self-contained strap-down Inertial Navigation System suitable for pointing and land navigation applications. It is based on proprietary Fiber Optic Gyroscope technology that allows a range of different system performances in the most demanding military and commercial environments.  
Personality Module Input/Output interface customization and Aiding Sensors for Petra  4000egi INS Family. (EGI solution: Embedded GNSS with INS)

VSD 5500IT

Tactical Grade Inertial Navigator

VSD5500IT are GNSS with MEMS-INS based on the VSD Vector Sensor are the new high precise Heading and Attitude used dual GNSS-antenna Receivers in the VSD Sensor platform. Integrated on a high-performance GNSS-INS signal and data processing board, the receivers address a wide range of precise high quality, high update rate heading and attitude positioning and navigation and time frequency synchronization applications in fields like machine guidance, marine surveying, photogrammetry and UAV/USV Navigator. 

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